Superior Training to Support Your Investment Team

CFS has identified the essential elements that drive productivity and success, and we are dedicated to providing the resources essential your team's training. We provide classroom, online and one-on-one training to help your advisors implement best practices in client wealth management. We train advisors in efficient technology usage to help them win - the referral, the sale, the relationship.

Wealth Management Training

CFS has developed a model for "Scalable Wealth Management" to address the variable needs of customers depending on the level and frequency of personalized service needed. The model addresses the need to efficiently utilize personnel resources by delivering the level of service appropriate to the customers' needs. The model reflects customer needs based on asset size and complexity of management needed, as well as their objectives, and level of personalized service desired and required. We'll train your investment professionals in this model and our staff will help keep everyone on track.

Our regular group training sessions are also excellent learning opportunities not only because of the content, but also because of the emphasis on networking and sharing of best practices amongst top producing financial advisors. Learn from your peers who have been there before, and see how CFS helped them reach smart solutions.

Technology Training

Your investment team will receive thorough training on our comprehensive management system, dataVISION® and other proprietary programs. This training consists of online tutorials delivered through the program itself as well as a series of web-based training sessions delivered in 2 hour segments, followed by on site, hands-on training, depending on need. In addition to any custom training we may devise for your institution, CFS holds frequent dataVISION training sessions and classroom style training in San Diego every month.

Continuing Education

As a CFS client, you also get access to regular continuing education seminars and our vast library of educational materials available 24/7. These include compliance memos, monthly conference calls, webcasts, how-to documents, and other training pieces, in addition to several training sessions at our annual conference.


CFS advisors have access to a plethora of resources from industry leading research providers, including Standard & Poors, Morningstar, and Albridge.

CFS invests in the top trainers, technology systems and research partners to provide your team with the knowledge and training they need to be top performers.

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